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Safety and durability go hand in hand with the line of Champro in-ground bases, pitcher’s rubbers, and home plates.
Batter's Eye
Give your batters the best with the solid backdrop of a Batter’s Eye!
net protector and L screen
Improve the safety and function of your batting cage with these batting cage accessories.
We can help you outfit any athletic venue with a variety of player and spectator seating options.
Rail Padding
Outfit your dugout like the PROS with USS dugout accessories!
Dura Edge logo
DuraEdge Products, Inc., a Natural Sand Company division, specializes in producing top-quality engineered soil products for the athletic field industry.
Fence Guard
Protect players from the top of the chain link while adding color and an overall finished look to the facility.
Field Armor logo
Our partnership with Aeroform Athletics extends beyond their Pitch Pro mounds.
Tarp field cover
Whether you need sections of your athletic field covered or full surface coverage, we can help you with our full selection of covers and tarps.
Dragging Field
Our extensive offerings of high quality field maintenance tools meet the needs of groundskeepers and field managers at every level of play.
cantilever open
FC Cantilever Style Dugouts are very versatile. As a dugout, they can stand alone or be incorporated into a CMU wall structure.
CBBA dugout
Dugouts are a critical component of player safety and comfort at any ballpark.
Levenworth fielders choice plus
Protect teams from the elements and provide privacy for spectators with all steel-enclosed dugouts.
foul pole
Regardless of the ballfield or budget size, Unlimited Sports Solutions has the foul pole solution for you!
fusion wall netting
Our revolutionary padded wall system FUSES player safety, function, and eye appeal into a complete package.
double hack shack
Our low-maintenance cages use poles designed for netting systems, durable hardware, and high-quality netting.
Gretna field view
Keep the ball in play and spectators & property safe with our netting systems!
Player safety is our top priority. If an area presents a safety concern for an athlete, we can pad it!
Pitch pro logo
Aeroform® Is a custom molder of urethane foam and fiberglass composites. Pitch Pro® portable pitching mounds and platforms has a solution for any facility and application. 
pros choice logo
Pro’s Choice products ensure the highest quality products on the market today.
Shade Structure
Beat the heat with our shade solutions. 
Soccer Goal
Keep the ball in play and spectators & property safe with our netting systems!
hitting station
Don’t have room for a batting cage? Want to add a multipurpose warmup and training tool to complement a batting cage? Does your venue host tournaments and need to designate warmup space?
Turface logo
For over 50 years, groundskeepers, coaches, and volunteers have relied on Turface Athletics® and Turface® products for field maintenance solutions that result in safer, playable fields.
Baseball Netting
The netting experts at USS are at your service to assist you in picking the right netting for your application and budget. Contact us today to help you from design through installation.
USSC logo
We are pleased to be a distributor of USSC comprehensive athletic field marking paints, painting machines, and marking accessories. 
victory mounds logo
Victory Mounds’ industry-leading portable game baseball pitching mounds are perfect for leagues wanting high-quality mounds with less game maintenance and more game-day flexibility.
Our line of high quality athletic padding is designed for maximum impact resistance, safety, and longevity.
We are your one-stop shop for Windscreens and Privacy Screens.
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