Victory Mounds

Bases & Mounds

Victory Mounds’ industry-leading portable game baseball pitching mounds are perfect for leagues wanting high-quality mounds with less game maintenance and more game-day flexibility.

In addition, they offer top-of-the-line portable practice mounds for schools, teams, and facilities to help their pitchers perfect their craft during the off-season and throughout the year.

Victory Mound Features

  • Made with Reinforced Fiberglass
  • Covered with turf with no lips or edges

VM-6 Portable Game Pitching Mound 

  • Official Youth League Specifications 
  • 6” Height, 7’6” Wide, 9’6” Long, 180 lbs. Landing Area = 5’1” Long

VM-8 Portable Game Pitching Mound 

  • Official Intermediate League Specifications 
  • 8” High, 8’ Wide, 10’ Long, 200 lbs. Landing Area = 5’6”

VM-10 Portable Game Pitching Mound 

  • Official Senior League Specifications 
  • 10” High, 9’6” Wide, 12’ Long, 320 lbs. W Landing Area = 7’ Long
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