Benches and Bleachers

Benches & Bleachers
Field Hockey/LaCrosse
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We can help you outfit any athletic venue with a variety of player and spectator seating options.

MLB Style Player Benches

These benches are two-tiered outdoor team benches featuring lower-level seating with comfortably angled backrests and a dual-use top shelf for storage or elevated player seating during ball games. Equipped with Azek decking seating and backrests to be resistant to cleat marks.

Aluminum Benches

Aluminum benches provide plenty of options on sizes and features to complement our Fielders Choice Dugouts. Made of anodized aluminum planks (2”x10”) equipped with backrests, player benches can also be equipped with a rear single or double plank shelf. Shelves help optimize the organization of the dugout and remove tripping hazards by giving players an area to store extra equipment, bags, clothing, water bottles, etc. Benches are available in many standard and custom option lengths.

Spectator Benches

We can help outfit your venue with additional seating along the baselines, outfield fences, and shaded areas. Aluminum benches (with or without backrest) and our line of Natural Benches (steel frame and wood planks) can be placed as portable, semi-mounted, or permanently mounted throughout your venue.

Scores Table Benches

Scores table benches can be placed directly behind or near the backstop to provide a central location for easy access by both dugouts and the umpire.


Bleacher options include code compliant 3, 4, & 5 Row Bleachers with 2”x12” Mill Plank Footboards, and 2”x12” Anodized Plank Seats.

3 and 4-row bleachers have a Rise and Run of 6”x24”. We have standard length sizes of 12’, 15’, 21’, and 27’. Custom sizing is available too. All units are available with a Tip n’ Roll option.

For information on bleachers 5 rows and higher, please contact us for additional information.