Batting Cage Accessories

Batting Cages

Improve the safety and function of your batting cage with these batting cage accessories.


  • Screens: Made with heavy-duty galvanized steel, high-quality netting, and wrapped with impact-absorbing padding, our screens are built to last. Available in L, C, and Square.
  • Batting Cage Turf Kit: Whether your cage is indoor or outdoor, our batting cage turf kits gives your batting cage eye appeal, extend the cage life, and protects the ground and balls.
  • Hitting Mat: 5MM thick TXT Nylon Turf and heavy-duty polyurethane backing hitting mats will hold up to high usage. Available in green or clay color with or without inlaid home plate and batter’s box.
  • Vinyl Batting Cage Net protector: These net protectors add impact protection to the netting and visual assistance to the pitchers. 5’x7’ Hemmed vinyl with strike zone outline with corner grommets for easy attachment.
net protector and L screen