Net Backstop System


Keep the ball in play and spectators & property safe with our netting systems!

Why netting?

  • Our netting backstops allow for higher backstops vs. traditional chain link backstops. With the capability to reach almost any height, our backstops keep spectators & property safer.
  • Visual appeal – The towering backstops provide a visually impressive sight and minimal viewing obstruction due to fewer poles and thin black netting.


  • Common heights of 20', 30', 40' & 50' backstops are available as In-line or tie-back systems. Those heights don't fit your need? No worries. We can custom design and fit it to the height you need.
  • Our steel poles are expertly designed and engineered for the needs of netting systems and finished with STRYK 5388 FACS (flexible anti-corrosion coating). These poles and steel cables provide the ultimate support for the net and reduce the number of poles needed.
  • Plateena Baseball Dyneema netting provides the ultimate combination of strength, durability, and an enhanced spectator viewing experience. Plateena netting is not designed for every application, so we offer an extensive selection of netting to match your need.
  • Netting systems provide long-term cost savings while increasing spectator safety and enhancing their experience.
  • Systems are designed to handle local wind loads.
  • Padded backstop walls are available with graphic options to improve player safety and visual appeal. A backstop wall is essential to maintain the integrity of the net backstop.
Gretna field view