DEFENDER Portable Team Shelter

Other Sports
Field Hockey/LaCrosse

Defend your players and coaches from the elements with the DEFENDER Portable Team Shelter.

DEFENDER is an easy-to-move sideline shelter for temporary placement during seasons that have extreme weather fluctuations. An excellent choice for soccer and lacrosse, but it can be used for any sport. DEFENDER is expertly designed with player comfort as a top priority.


  • The sturdy aluminum frame is fitted with a tin roof and hinged windows to allow 360 viewing.
  • Frame finished with Industrial Tnemec pain and wrapped in team graphics. Roof and trim options offer many color choices to complement the color scheme of the frame. Equipped with an aluminum team bench with a double plank shelf for extra seating and storage.
  • Hinged high impact resistant plexiglass windows placed on three sides for 360 viewing and easy to open for air flow when desired.
  • Exclusive SPYDER raise & lower wheel assembly kit raises and lowers in two minutes. As few as two people can easily move the shelter to the desired location.
  • A hitch kit is available to pull the shelter with an ATV. Available in 12’ and 16’ models.
Team Shelter