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With over 500 netting systems installed across the USA and Central America, we know netting. So why netting? Netting can be used in any facility to keep spectators, players, and property safe. Netting systems are easily customized to cater to sports such as soccer, golf, lacrosse, baseball/softball, football, basketball, & tennis to keep the ball in play and spectators and property safe. 

Starting with our proprietary Imperial Knotless Dyneema netting, our netting options are extensive. The netting experts at Unlimited Sports Solutions are at your service to assist you in picking the right netting for your application and budget. Contact us today to help you from design through installation. 

Types of Netting

  • Dyneema®
  • Nylon


  • Baseball/Softball
  • Soccer
  • Lacrosse
  • Golf
  • Hockey
  • Basketball
  • Tennis

Dyneema® Netting is the thinnest and strongest netting material on the market.  Made of ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene Dyneema netting is up to 15x stronger than steel & up to 40% stronger aramid fibers at equal diameter. This combination of strength and thin strands provides the best spectator safety and visibility.

  • Imperial Knotless Dyneema® Netting- Unlimited Sports Solutions is the exclusive provider Imperial netting. The knotless design of Imperial netting provides a 95% visibility experience for spectators. The low profile of the knotless design and thin strands greatly reduces the wind load and stress on the netting system.  
  • #18 Plateena Dyneema® Netting- With a combination of thin strands and 385lbs of break strength, Plateena Dyneema netting has been used in professional sports venues around the globe. Plateena netting is twisted double knotted for additional tightness and stability. The strands are black solution dyed for better color stability and UV resistance.

Nylon Netting- Dyneema netting isn’t a fit for every application or budget so we offer numerous options of nylon netting. Nylon netting is very versatile and strong using a high grade nylon that is knotted on the square. Each strand is solution dyed for UV protection before they are knitted followed by an additional UV bonded coating for maximum outdoor longevity.

Common Nylon Netting Options- (Netting #s reference the twine size. The smaller the number, the smaller the twine diameter.)

  • #24 Knotted Nylon- 1 ¾” Square mesh UV treated commonly used for foul ball and outfield netting.
  • #36 Knotted Nylon- 1 ¾” Square mesh UV treated commonly used for direct impact netting for backstops and batting cages
  • #42 Knotted Nylon-  1 ¾” Square mesh UV treated commonly used for high impact netting for backstops and batting cages
  • #18 Knotted Nylon Golf Netting- 7/8” Square mesh UV treated commonly used for direct impact commercial facilities
  • #30 Knotted Nylon Hockey & Lacrosse Netting- 1 ½” Square mesh UV treated commonly used for outdoor hockey and lacrosse fields
  • #36 Knotted Nylon Soccer & Basketball Netting- 4” Square mesh UV treated barrier netting